Welcome to the Gravel-Streckenauswahl and Bikepacking Routes beyond the well-known Pfade!

Are you looking for a well-planned bikepacking route? Choose a route from the list below, hop on your bike, and enjoy the scenery and adventure around the campfire.

You have the option of changing an existing route or creating your own. You can download them, put them on your navigation system or smartphone, and get on the road right away. Then take a look around here. You can prepare your Mico-adventure on the computer, for example, by checking the Verpflegungspunkte, Supermrkte, or currently available Unterknfte. Many of the routes listed below have a GPX file available for download. Do you require any additional route planning advice? Nothing is easier than this:

Here you will find a collection of bikepacking routes that will make any adventurer’s heart race:

Bikepacking Routes Around the World

  • Bikepacking.com’s Bikepacking Routes
  • Gypsybytrade’s European Bikepacking Routes
  • Baja Divide – A bikepacking route through a gorge on Mexiko’s Halbinsel Niederkalifornien.

Stunning Bikepacking Routes in Germany

  • Cherusker 500: 500km long bikepacking event in Germany (link includes route)
  • Schwarzwald-Bike-Crossing: 450km long, extremely difficult route with numerous hills through the Schwarzwald.
  •  175 km Hochrhner
  • Rennsteig is 170 kilometers long.

BIKEPACKING-Adevntures.com Tours and Tour Reports

  • Please pay attention to the safety warnings and watch the video! Highlight in the Alps: The tour begins at the Bodensee, continues through the Alps, and ends at the legendary Schrofenpass. The route is only for experienced bikepackers. MTB Schrofenpass
  • Bikepacking Transalp from –sterreich to Italy (Hochalpin): In this tour, the entire –tztal is traversed. Following that, it’s up to 2800 meters and over the –tztaler Alpen to S14dtirol. A spectacular tour for professionals.

Bikepacking Events and Activities in Germany or with a Start in Germany

  • Grenzsteintrophy: a 1250 km long bikepacking event with 18,000 meters of elevation gain. Here you will find large sections of the former Deutsch-Deutschen-Grenze, as well as roughly equivalent sections on asphalt, lochplatten, and forest- and forst roads.
  • Bikepacking Trans Germany: A 1652 km long mountain bike self-sufficiency race from Basel to Kap Arkona on roads with approximately 20 000 meters of elevation gain.
  • Candy B Graveler:                 A 640-kilometer-long bikepacking Gunnar Fehlau’s Candy B Graveler, who also won the Grenzsteintrophy and is the author of Rad und Raus: Everything for Microadventure and Bikepacking*, was called into his life.
  • The Transost Challenge is a 3000 km long bikepacking race with a start in Germany and a finish in the Black Sea.
  • Cambria Transcambria
  • Gravel Hanse
  • Graveler of Mainfranken
  • Taunus Bikepacking is a bikepacking company based in Taunus,
  • Franconia Bikepacking
  • Graveler Eifel
  • 2019 Harzer Roller
  • Blackforest2Vosges
  • 550 Brandenburg

Bikepacking Rennen und Events überall auf der Welt

  • Ideally, while riding a mountain bike, you will encounter peaks, mountain bike trails, and occasionally, schotterpisten or asphalt highways. The route takes you through the Toskana as well as some of the most beautiful cities in Italy, such as Florence and Siena. The Tuscany Trail (TT) is a bicycling adventure that takes place every year in Italy. The route is ungefhr 550 kilometers long and is lightly ndert every year.

Here is my Tuscany Trail experience report – I have ridden the Tuscany Trail twice and highly recommend it as a bikepacking event.

  • The 14erquerung of the Hohen Atlas and the Anti Atlas are highlights. The race covers approximately 1145 kilometers and is primarily on MTB trails. Atlas Mountain Race is a self-organized bikepacking race through Marokko.

Discover a wealth of information about the Atlas Mountain Race here.

  • Transcontinental: Legends of Ultra Endurance The route is approximately 4000 kilometers long and runs from one end of Europe to the other. Since then, it has been regarded as one of the most challenging Ultra-Endurance-Fahrradrennen for self-contained vehicles. Mike Hall breathed new life into this year’s race.

I spent a lot of time researching the Transcontinental Race and have compiled a lot of useful information for you in this article about the Transcontinental Race.

  • Odyssey of the Japanese
  • 300 Rovaniemi
  • Divided Italy
  • TheTransAtlanticWay is a route that runs across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bikepacker Dirty Boar
  • 1000 Navada
  • Alba Race Trans
  • Bike Race Between the Three Peaks
  • NorthCape4000 is a company based in North Carolina.
  • French Separation
  • Mountain Race on the Silk Road
  • Torino-Nice-Rally is a rally that takes place in Torino, Italy.
  • Divided Bohemia

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