The best chain lock is the Kryptonite New York Noose 1275.

Specs for Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

My final score was:

Check the cost:

Length of chain:

12 millimeter


3.15 kg (6.95 lb)


75 cm (30″)

Rating for Kryptonite:

9 out of 10

Other Levels of Security:

It really pushes the boundaries of what can be considered portable (a lock that can be carried around every day). The Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 [Amazon] is a portable chain lock with a high level of security.

It does, however, employ a clever technique to achieve a high security to weight ratio while remaining functional!

In this review, I’ll look at how secure it is, how easy it is to carry around, and how simple it is to use. Finally, if this isn’t the right lock for you, I suggest some alternatives at the end of the review.

Is the Kryptonite New York Noose safe?

While the largest, 42â€3 bolt cutters could theoretically defeat it, it would take a skilled, heavy thief using the ground as leverage. The New York Noose is a tough chain with 12 mm thick hardened manganese steel links.

In reality, with the right locking technique, this is nearly impossible to achieve.

The 14 mm MAX-Performance steel shackle on the Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock is significantly stronger than the steel used in Kryptonite’s older and less expensive locks. It’s also drill and pull resistant, as well as double bolted, which means you’d have to cut it twice to force it open.

It is rated as Gold by Sold Secure. It receives a 9/10 (High Security) rating from Kryptonite. And ART gives it four out of five stars. The lock’s security ratings reflect this formidable level of protection.

Without a doubt, only a few other bike locks can match this level of protection!

Is it easy to transport the Kryptonite New York Noose?

Wrapping a chain lock around your seat post, fastening it to your luggage rack, or throwing it in a bag is a simple way to transport it. When you’re out riding, there are plenty of places to lock your bike.

It’s simple! The New York Noose, of course, is encased in a tough nylon sheath that should keep your paintwork safe.

They’re a lot more substantial than u-locks. Thick chains, on the other hand, can be extremely heavy. Chain locks, on the other hand, have a weight problem.

The New York Noose 1275 weighs 6.95 lb (3.15 kg), which is roughly equivalent to 8 Coke cans. While it isn’t the heaviest chain lock on the market, it is heavier than the heaviest, most secure u-lock (the Kryptonite New York Lock M18-WL)!

And, while the best place to transport a heavy item is probably around your seat post, where it won’t interfere with your center of gravity, if you carry it around every day, you’ll definitely notice it.

You’d have to use it as a stationary lock if it was any heavier. Indeed, it is most likely the only chain with 12 mm links that can be classified as a portable lock. In fact, I believe the New York Noose 1275 is the absolute limit of what can be carried around on a daily basis.

This is due to the fact that it is not very long. It is quite short, measuring only 30â€3 (75 cm).

You might believe that this will limit your locking options. The shorter the chain is, the fewer places you can use it. Of course, you’d be correct to some extent. The New York Noose, on the other hand, employs a clever technique to make the most of its 30â€3…

Is it simple to use the Kryptonite New York Noose?

At one end of the chain, however, there is a larger, circular link. The â€noose†is what distinguishes this lock from other chain locks. To make a noose, the other end of the chain can be passed through this circular link. What’s the deal with the noose?

The longer version of this lock, the New York Noose 1213 [Amazon], is shown in the photo below.

As a result, there are always two chain lengths between the immovable object and the bike. So you’ll be able to lock more things with less chain! What makes this so special? After passing around whatever you’re locking, both ends of the chain must meet in a traditional locking method.

One end of the noose method tightens around the immovable object, while the other tightens around the bike, resulting in only one length of chain between the two. As a result, a shorter chain can go a long way!

Perhaps a picture will be of assistance†Are you perplexed?

As I previously stated, chain locks are extremely heavy, so anything that allows you to lock more things with less chain is a huge plus. Kryptonite claims that this 2.5-foot noose chain has the same â€in-use†length as a standard 3.5-foot chain. That’s fantastic!

This system simply provides you with a greater number of options, which is precisely what you want from a bike lock! Of course, the New York Noose can be used in the same way as a regular chain lock.

It’s also eligible for Kryptonite’s fantastic Key Safe Program, which allows you to register your keys online and get replacements quickly if you misplace them. Three keys are included with the lock, one of which has a light to assist you in the dark.

The first set will even be given away for free! Here’s more on Kryptonite’s unrivaled after-sales service.

The New York Noose’s disc lock has a sliding dust cover that protects the mechanism from the worst of the city grime. However, keep in mind that these covers can trap moisture inside the lock, which can cause the mechanism to jam if it freezes.

Regular maintenance, on the other hand, can help to reduce the chances of a jammed bike lock…

Every now and then, all bike locks require some attention, especially if they are left outside for long periods of time in cold and wet weather. A good clean and lubrication of the mechanism and shackle will keep a good quality lock running smoothly for years.

Is insurance included with the Kryptonite New York Noose?

If your bike is stolen as a result of this lock being defeated, Kryptonite’s own Anti-Theft Protection can pay out up to $3,500, £1,300, or â1,000.

In the Abus vs. Kryptonite vs. OnGuard page, I go over Anti-Theft Protection in greater depth. However, it is worth noting that the cover is not free; you must register as soon as you purchase the lock, and despite Kryptonite offering the best of these schemes, qualifying for payment is still difficult.

It is far preferable to insure your bike as part of your regular household insurance or to purchase specialized bike insurance.

Summary of the Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 Review

The New York Noose 1275, in my opinion, is the most secure and portable chain lock on the market today. This is largely due to the fact that it is the only 12 mm chain that is both short and light enough to be worn every day.

A longer lock would be too heavy and unwieldy to use on the street on a daily basis. This lock, on the other hand, is just about light enough to work.

However, double-check the weight and length. It’s still a long and heavy chain. Although the noose system makes the most of the length available, there will be times when you wish you had a little more.

A u-lock may be a better option if you want the same level of security from a lighter lock.

Chain locks, on the other hand, are easier to transport than u-locks and often provide more locking options. One of the best things about this lock is how versatile it is…

You can also use it as your primary, portable lock every day. You can use it as a secondary, stationary lock at home to secure your bike, and then take it out on the street if you need a little extra security.

The vast majority of thieves will not attempt to steal a bike that is secured with this lock. Regardless of how you use it, you can rest assured that it will provide excellent protection for your bike. It also appears to be extremely intimidating. The security ratings are self-evident.

As a result, double-check the weight and length. However, if you’re looking for a chain lock that provides the highest level of security while remaining portable and practical, this could be the best bike lock for you!

Of course, there are plenty of other options if it isn’t quite right for you.

New York Noose 1275 as an alternative to Kryptonite

There are alternatives to the New York Noose, whether you want something longer, lighter, or less expensive. None of them, in my opinion, offer the same great balance of price, security, and practicality as the New York Noose 1275, but you should still check them out!

Looking for something a little more substantial?

Despite the fact that the 1275 makes the most of its 30â€3 (75 cm) length, some people will find it too short.

Kryptonite provides the New York Noose 1213 [Amazon] for these people.

This is the 1275’s bigger brother, measuring 51.0†(130 cm) and almost twice as long.

This is a significant difference, and it means you’ll be getting one of the most useful chain locks on the market today. The longer the chain, the better the advantage over normal chains with noose locks. The 1213 has the same usable length as 65â€3 (165 cm) of standard chain!

So this isn’t a lock that you can take with you. That’s the equivalent of 12.5 Coke cans, weighing 10.55 lb (4.79 kg). Unfortunately, this results in a significant increase in weight.

The New York Noose 1213, on the other hand, may be what you need if you want a high-security chain lock with the best usable length to weight ratio (and the 1275 is just too short).

Looking for a lighter option?

A chain that is lighter is obviously less secure. If the New York Noose is too heavy for you, the Abus CityChain X-Plus 1060 [Amazon] is a good alternative.

Abus locks are known for having the best security to weight ratio. Even though the links are only 10 mm in diameter, it is still a formidable lock.

Indeed, Abus has given it a maximum security rating of 15/15, Sold Secure has given it a Gold rating, and ART has given it 2/5 stars.

The 33.0†(85 cm) is the most similar to the New York Noose 1275, but it is 30% lighter at 4.63 lb (2.1 kg). It’s available in four different lengths: 85 cm, 110 cm, 140 cm, and 170 cm. It has a built-in lock that makes it much easier to use.

However, if you want a high-security, portable chain that weighs less than seven Coke cans, this is a great option! Keep in mind that because it isn’t a noose lock, it isn’t quite as practical as the 1275.

Looking for a more affordable option?

OnGuard is always a good bet when it comes to great value for money.

The OnGuard 8017 Beast [Amazon] is a high-security chain with a separate lock that is 12 mm thick.

It measures 43â€3 (110 cm), which is significantly longer than the New York Noose.

It’s also a lot heavier, weighing in at 9.2 lb (4.17 kg), which is the equivalent of 11 Coke cans!

This isn’t a chain you can take with you. However, it is extremely safe. Although neither Sold Secure nor ART have given the Beast a rating, OnGuard has given it a 95/100.

And, of course, you’re getting a lot more chain for your buck! Prices vary, but this lock has been found to be less expensive than the New York Noose 1275.

So, if cost is your primary concern, consider the OnGuard 8017 Beast, which offers high security at a low cost!

If none of the chains appeal to you, don’t forget to check out my easy 3-step guide to picking the best bike lock!

Specs for Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

Specs for Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

My final score was:

Check the cost:

Length of chain:

12 millimeter


3.15 kg (6.95 lb)


75 cm (30″)

Rating for Kryptonite:

9 out of 10

Other Levels of Security:

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