In 2020, bikepacking events will be held in Germany.

Event- and Rennkalender

Bikepacking is very popular right now. As a result, the number of bikepacking events grows year after year. With our calendar, we provide a glimpse into the future.

Candy B. Graveller’s first publication was a huge success.

Calendar of Bikepacking Events in Germany

  • For Hartgesottene, a swashbuckling adventure. Participants are looking forward to Frost, Sturm, and Sandpaths. ‘Click.’ The Transcimbrica flew from Hamburg to Skagen and back to Hamburg. In the summer, Redaktionsleiter Mathias M14ller has abandoned the route:
  • The Hansegravel follows the Hanse River from Hamburg to Stettin. Visit for more information. Mathias M14ller, the Redaktionsleiter, was present in 2019:
  • Svenja Schrade and Mathias M14ller were present in 2018: Each participant must transport a care package. is a website dedicated to Candy B Graveller. The Candy B. Graveller, like the Rosinenbombers before him, flew from Frankfurt am Main to Berlin. ‘Click.’
  • On schotterwegs through the Mainfrankens Mittelgebirge.
  • Starting point and destination: Hofheim im Taunus. The Taunus Bikepacking takes participants through the rugged Taunus-Mittelgebirge.
  • is a website dedicated to the Grenzstein Trophy. Participants must allow themselves to be r1tteln on bloody Panzerplatten. The route of the Grenzsteintrophy follows the former German-Austrian border.
  • The Bikepacking Trans Germany takes participants from Basel to the island of Rügen. Offroad is extremely important.

Schne Wege, like this one on the Candy B. Gravellers route, can be difficult to navigate.

  • Transost Challenge The Transost Challenge takes participants from Bayreuth to Konstanza via the Schwarze Meer.
  • Klotten is the starting point and the goal. The Eifel Graveller travels through the Eifel – on forest-, schotter-, field-, and asphalted roads, as the name suggests.
  • Participants in this event travel through all 16 German Bundesländer, beginning in Münster. is a website dedicated to bikepacking in Germany.
  • The journey begins in Hamburg and ends in Schleswig Holstein. Put on your bathing suit! is a website dedicated to holy gravel.
  • Bikepacking Franconia will take you to eight checkpoints throughout the city of Franken. In the meantime, the route can be left open. Badesee Trebgast is the starting point and the destination.
  • The V2B passes through the Vogesen and the Schwarzwald. Karlsruhe is the starting point and the final destination. ( is a website dedicated to The Traverse du Massif Vosgien is included in the route. Good Gravel-Wege and a couple of short, technical MTB-Trails. A total of 20.000 Hhenmeter will be obligated.

25 Gr14nde, die f14r eine Bikepacking-Tour sprechen Galerie: 25 Gr14nde, die f14r eine Bikepacking-Tour sprechen

More Bikepacking Events in our Neighboring Areas

  • The route runs along the highway along the Dutch border.
  • Over 31.000 Hhenmeter must be zwungen on a 1.000 kilometer route quer through Switzerland. Hope 1000, formerly Navad 1000, is a endurance test for mountain bikers and hikers. Starting point: Romanshorn, Montreux.
  • Only about a tenth of the route is asphalted. It’s a big field of participants. There are only a few things to expect in terms of hhenmeters. The Wisla 1.200 route follows the Fluss from the Quelle der Weichsel to the M14ndung an der Ostsee.
  • Zandvliet (Belgium) is the starting point and destination. is a Belgian website. The participants in the A-Cross the 5 race over a technically challenging route through f1nf Lnder.
  • The race begins in Bray-Dunes, Belgium, and ends in Mendionde, Spain. The French Divide is an offroad bikepacking event that takes place across France.
  • Participants can expect a challenging, mountainous terrain. The Carpatia Divide is bounded by the polnischen and, to a lesser extent, the slowakischen Karpaten.
  • Vy­ Brod is the starting point, and Krsn L­pa is the destination. During the Bohemia Divide, participants from S14d-Tschechien travel to the north of the country, primarily on Gravel-Wegen.

25 Gr14nde, die f14r eine Bikepacking-Tour sprechen Galerie: 25 Gr14nde, die f14r eine Bikepacking-Tour sprechen

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You, on the other hand, seem to be at ease on nearly every second. BIKE-BILD-BIKE-BILD-BILD-BILD-BILD Svenja Schrade, the editor, is an avid runner and bikepacker who spends most of her time on a Gravelbike.

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