8 marlin

â 999,00 (UVP) â 999,00 (UVP) â 999,00 (UVP

7 Marlin

â 899,00 (UVP) â 899,00 (UVP) â 899,00 (UVP

Women’s Marlin 7

799,00 â (UVP)

6 marlin

â 699,00 (UVP) â 699,00 (UVP) â 699,00 (UVP

Women’s Marlin 6

â 629,00 (UVP) â 629,00 (UVP) â 629,00 (UVP

6 marlin

â 629,00 (UVP) â 629,00 (UVP) â 629,00 (UVP

5 marlin

â 599,00 (UVP) â 599,00 (UVP) â 599,00 (UVP

Women’s Marlin 5

â 529,00 (UVP) â 529,00 (UVP) â 529,00 (UVP

4 marlin

â 499,00 (UVP) â 499,00 (UVP) â 499,00 (UVP

Marlin’s framework

399,00 â (UVP)

If youâ€TMre looking for a bike, this is the one for you.

â€You’re new to the trail, and you’re looking for a cheap mountain bike that can be used as a pendler’s bike and doesn’t cost the earth.

You will be provided with this equipment.

To protect the Z14ge and for a clean look, a lightweight aluminum frame with internal routing of switchz14gen and bremsleitungs is used. Thanks to the 21 GNGE and the large bersetzungsarea, you’ll always have the right path at your fingertips for any terrain. There are also powerfully packing hydraulische Scheibenbremsen and a Federgabel, which neutralizes inequalities and ruppiges Terrain.

Last but not least,

So, for example, Gepcktrger and Sidestnder can be easily installed, making the Marlin 5 a popular bike on campus. The bike is suitable for a wide range of MTB adventures and benefits from Trek’s extensive mountain biking experience. However, there may be a few more possibilities.

The Presentation is

Why do you love it so much? favorite_border

  1. It’s a well-kept mountain bike that can be used not only as a daily commuter, but also to make a good impression on campus and transport you from point A to point B.
  2. Bremshebels with a narrower grip width (XS and S) improve braking comfort for women and drivers with smaller hands.
  3. Marlin-Models in the XS and S frame sizes have a curved upper tube and a lower berstand height, making it easier for smaller drivers to get on and off.
  4. Befestigungsmöglichkeiten für Gepcktrger und Seitenstnder erleichtern das Anbringen von Zubehr, transforming your mountain bike into a sturdy pendler.
  5. It, like every other model in the Marlin family, is covered by our lifetime warranty.

Repairing a Tirepanne is a good idea.

Platten, you say? There is no issue. Our step-by-step video tutorial will show you how to sit ruckzuck in your seat after a Panne.

â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â€ â …

… â€In contrast to some other g14nstigen Bikes, which are designed more for leisure-oriented drivers, this bike is aimed at beginners who want an erschwingliche bike with which they can train hard and compete in races.

Washing a bicycle is a good idea.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn more about the Dos and Don’ts of bicycle cleaning! A well-kept bicycle is a happy bicycle. However, cleaning your bike requires more effort than a quick treatment with the water hose or a squirt through the rtliche Waschstrae.

Recommendation: Inflate your tires.

The correct tire pressure ensures a good grip and precise handling in addition to high comfort. He also snubs the Reifenpannen.

Every driver should have a passform.

The smallest sizes even have short-reach brake levers and narrower handlebars, which provide greater comfort and control for smaller riders. Marlin is available in seven frame sizes to accommodate riders of all heights, and Smart Wheel Size ensures that you are riding on the fastest wheel available.

Quite a bit of technology, at a reasonable price

It’s jam-packed with features that are normally only found on more expensive bikes, such as the stylish frame with internal Zug- and Bremsleitungsf14hrung to protect the Z14ge from the elements. The marlin not only looks good, but it also moves around a lot.

Is there a gebogene upper tube on my bike?

The bigger frames (M and ML) have a straight upper tube because bigger drivers usually don’t have any issues with the berstandshhe. Smaller frames (XS and S) have an upperrohr that creates a bogus just before the seatrohr. This design promotes a lower berstandshhe and, as a result, smaller drivers will find it easier to ascend.

Z14ge mit Innenverlegte

We place the Brems- and Switchz14ge in the frame – a simple and clean Angelegenheit. And it’s just plain lovely!

Blendr-Vorbau (Blender-Vorbau)

With the Bontrager Vorbau-Technologie, you can mount your equipment directly on the frame for a clean look and maximum operability.

More information

Seitenstnderaufnahme (behind the scenes)

Those were the days when you had to constantly remount or dismount your bicycle. The mounting of a sidestander, which abst14%tzt and is not in the way when not in use, is made easier by photographs taken on the Kettenstrebe.

Gepcktrger-–senior gepcktrger-–senior gepcktrger-–s

Anfalling transportation tasks become a child’s game with Gepcktrger-–sen. Is it going to be a big tour?

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