Excellent selection

Excellent selection, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery

The right replacement part was found quickly.

Bike24 is a great place to go if you need a replacement part quickly.

Top price, Blitzversand, and excellent service!

Very good price-to-performance ratio and quick delivery. I found the stndigen Statusmeldungen for shipping to be very convincing. Also, I can only say: uneingeschrnkt to recommend, please keep it up!!


Even when problems arise, the customer service is prompt, courteous, and fair. Quick turnaround and delivery at a reasonable price.

Bike 24 offers a wide range of products.

Bike24 has piqued my interest. Bike 24 has a large selection of motorcycles and is well-known. I ordered a bike from Liquid-life and when it wasn’t ready, I called to find out what was going on; the same thing was available at Bike 24 and it arrived after 4 days.

Lack of merchandise combined with a lack of response equals poor customer service.

Because I did it on Friday, I saved myself the trouble of contacting customer service again. Bike24 was unable to do so within 48 (Werktag)Stunden. – brigens DHL hat noch am gleichen Tag auf meine Beschwerde reagierte und geantwortet, mit der Frage, warum der DHL-Bote das Paket zur14ckgeschickt hat. After that, I received an automated email from Bike informing me that my package could not be delivered and that I should contact their customer service. The message is forwarded to the intended recipient. "An meiner Anschrift kann es nicht liegen, und die Postnummer ist richtig bei Bike24 hinterlegt. This is something I’ve been thinking about. Furthermore, a Kette and two Space may not be sufficient for a Packstation. I immediately notified DHL’s Customer Service via Bike24’s Contact Form, stating, for example, that DHL had delivered the package to my Rechungs- and Hausanschrift, and that if the Packstation failed to deliver the package, I should send the goods to my Rechungs- and Hausanschrift. Unfortunately, I have not received a response from Bike24 as of today (Monday, September 13, 2012). Man sits back and relaxes. Because I had received no response from Bike24 in the past, I canceled the order today. According to DHL’s status page, the package has been delivered to Bike24 since samstagfr14h. I would only give one star if it wasn’t for the customer service. Normally, I would give Bike24.de a higher rating, and in the case of the "Desaster" with my most recent order, I cannot say that Bike24 is solely to blame; however, Bike24’s failure to respond is its fault. But first and foremost, on Monday last week (09.09.2021), I placed an order for some Rennrad parts (Kette and Spacer for the Kassette) with Bike24. So either Bike24 made a mistake with the address or DHL made a mistake with the delivery. Payment should be made by invoice, and delivery should be made to a DHL packstation. As promised by Bike24, the order placed before 15 a.m. was processed the same day and should be delivered the next working day. Until now, I wouldn’t have said anything negative about Bike24 because of what happened with my order. As a result, two stars are awarded for prompt delivery. When it comes to customer service, one can tell how good a company is by how well it handles problems. Around 10 a.m., I received the following message from DHL Paket: "Unfortunately, an adjustment of the shipment is not possible, as it does not meet our shipping conditions." I’m hoping that Bike24 is no longer insisting that I pay the invoice until September 17, 2021, because I received it via email with a payment deadline on the day of the order. This one may have gotten the DHL’s attention, but in 2021, you should be able to respond to an email within one working day. There was no resolution found here. At this point, I cannot recommend Bike24 any longer. – Although the response did not go any further, DHL was able to respond within four hours. Also, the package was never sent on its way. This has worked in the past with Bike24, and friends have always been satisfied with the service.

Uncompleted delivery and inaccessibility

Waited until Monday, and now I’m stuck in a phone queue for 3 hours, only to be rausgeschmissen. Good service and accessibility appear to be quite different. However, I’ve made it. As a result, I have increased my rating from one star to two stars. Ernsthaft, you say? That is something I could have done two days ago – there was at least some useful information on the website instead of the service number. There is no response to emails or Facebook messages. It won’t get any better, because sending an incomplete order and the resulting costs are becoming increasingly burdensome. The missing tire has already appeared on the road, and Bike24 has also arrived. What am I going to do about my missing tires? I don’t understand why there are so many positive reviews. During the power outage, no connection was established. But there’s nothing one can do on the phone – I’ll have to send an email. So, what’s next? I ordered four tires and waited four weeks for them to arrive (Bike24 can’t do anything), only to discover that only three were delivered. And, more importantly, how can I get in touch with you? In any case, there was now contact, and everything went very quickly and smoothly from there. A more precise container for 3 tires – did we run out of larger containers, or is it that 4 zhlen is so difficult? Bike24 can’t do anything about a power outage, but I was stuck in the queue for a while afterwards. I’m interested to see how things progress…

Extremely cool

Extremely cool. Exceptional value for money and lightning-fast delivery

In every way, you are the best. even if it’s a bit…on the nose

However, I would only like to have a delivery with DHL, as DPD’s delivery times are frequently too long for me, and packages are simply placed in front of the T14r. Top in every category, even if there is some advertising. Unb14rokratisch, z14gige Abhandlung.

Top-notch customer service and lightning-fast delivery

Top-notch customer service and lightning-fast delivery. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Professionalism on a global scale

Bestmgliche Abwicklung, lightning-fast shipping, a fantastic communication system, a fair price, a simple payment system, and ready-to-use returns: Shopping here is a joy. I am completely satisfied and would recommend Bike 24 to others. I’d gladly do it again! My Salomon Sportschuhe are fantastic.

Hndler at the top

For me, the best store for bicycle parts and accessories. That’s great, but it doesn’t seem to bring the Hndler in Austria together. Friendly and knowledgeable employees, prompt delivery For me, it was a no-brainer, so keep it up!!! 99% of the items are always in stock, with great prices and low shipping costs to Austria.

Good product/poor packaging

Nothing was lost due to the fact that the package was left open. The product is as described. However, the packaging was woefully inadequate, i.e. Extremely poorly sealed.

Excellent delivery time and customer service

Superb delivery times and prices, as well as a friendly and helpful customer service team. An item in a toolbox had a manufacturing flaw, and an appropriate replacement part was sent to me right away.

One of the best online stores

I’ve been ordering from here for years and have never been disappointed! One of the best online stores I’ve come across. If on hand, always super-quick delivery, even to the farthest reaches of the globe. Exceptional search filters and a user-friendly website design. Man will be kept up to date on the status of his or her order. Daumen hoch, Bike24, ihr habt es wirklich (amongst many others) erkannt! A heartfelt DANKESCH–N for your outstanding service! A large and well-chosen product selection. Good prices.

Long delivery times despite advertising with same-day shipping!

Received shipping confirmation on Monday. So, why is there advertising with delivery on the same day? As a result, he irritates his customers!!! Due to the requirement of same-day shipping, orders are placed on Monday. Ware lt. Website is now available!

Thank you for your excellent customer service!

Completely uncomplicated in the event of a problem and prompt delivery. Thank you for Bike24’s excellent customer service and to the entire team. I would gladly return.

Bike Shop of the Year

Already two times, I was able to find the necessary parts for my MTB build for the 2018 season, and I was able to complete it in two days. If I’m looking for bicycle parts, I always start with Bike24 and then search the internet. A filter for deliverable products would be ideal. Ausr14stung and Zubehr are also sufficient, and the prices are reasonable. On first glance, this appears to be a very small shop, but it is actually a very large bike shop with a large selection. What else is there to say? Requests are handled quickly and efficiently, and orders are usually delivered within two days of placing the order. One minor point of criticism. Finding articles that aren’t available doesn’t help much 🙂

2 weeks for delivery

During routine phone calls, one is held without apparent success until today. Payment was declined, and there was neither a working tracking number nor a delivery within two weeks. More than dissatisfied, the system indicates that it is available from stock.

Payed via PayPal on Saturday

Saturday payment via PayPal, superfast delivery, E-Bike in excellent condition, Lenker and Pedalen quickly installed, bike ready to ride, highly recommended!

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